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This is the bi-annual event in which the Chancellor welcomes the international degree-seeking students, international exchange students, international scholars, their UNCG host departments, returning UNCG students who went abroad in Spring & Summer, and the INTERLINK/New Mind ESL students. The Chancellor also acknowledges the 25 German Fulbright students who have been here from 7/24 and who will depart for Washington DC the day after this event (i.e. 8/19/2015) before they fly back to Germany. This is the fifth year that the German Fulbright Commission has asked UNCG to host this summer program and every year we have a group photo of the Chancellor with the German Fulbright students and the team responsible for this program. Last year the group photo was in the AH Library next to VA Dare room. We can do again this year. P/S: Last year and many years before, there was no charge for photo request for this event, so please let me know if there is a charge so I can share the quote with my department head. Thanks.